TIM was originally designed to interact with the TSP INet Server in Switzerland (Teldas GmbH), and to automate the related business processes. Ever since, TIM has developed into the extensive TIM Product Suite.

The most basic product in this family is TIM INet. It automates the communication with the TSP INet Server to download information on ported numbers (ONP), number blocks, and individually allocated numbers (INA value-added service numbers), as well as tariffs for these numbers. The information downloaded by TIM INet can be fed into a back-office system, directory services, or to telephony switching and billing platforms.

Knowing exactly which number belongs to which operator may be essential for many reasons. For example, transit costs can be saved by routing calls to the appropriate interconnection depending on the destination operator. For the implementation of provider-dependent retail tariffs, it is important to know which operator a number is currently ported to.