About us

e-globe solutions AG specializes in the digitalisation of work processes. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop and operate tailor-made software solutions based on our products. Our main focus is to provide you with a sustainable solution for the digital transformation with our products. We combine the specialist knowledge of our customers with our experience in optimization, integration and automation. Always with the aim of further developing the interactions between humans and machines.





Daniel Groth

VRP, Chairman

Felix Merz


Claudia Mühlebach

Head of Marketing & Sales

Moritz Hasler


Darryl Shank

Head of Business Engineering

Luca Paliotto

Development Team Leader

Jacopo Rigoli

Development Team Leader

Samuel Bieri

Project Manager

Mattia Borrini

Full Stack Software Engineer

Mirco De Tomasi

Full Stack Software Engineer

Francesco Fiori

Junior Frontend Developer

Gustavo Graziani

Gustavo Graziani

Front End Software Engineer

Michel Montandon

Marketing & Multimedia Coordinator

Reto Nüesch

Reto Nüesch

Quality Assurance Manager

Jakub Radomski

Test Manager

Loris Rodigari

Full Stack Developer

Artiom Romanò

Full Stack Software Engineer

Martina Roncoroni

UX/UI Designer

Mattia Sgarbossa

Full Stack Developer

Christian Trisolini

Christian Trisolini

Full Stack Developer

Adrian Wälti

Infrastr. Engineer/App. Infr. Mgmt.


As a committed employer, e-globe solutions is dedicated to the further training and development of its employees. Future-oriented and sustainable thinking and acting are the focus of our day-to-day business. We also embody this approach when working closely with our customers.

How we work

We see our customers as partners on an equal footing. We work together in a direct and personal manner to develop a solution tailored to their needs. During the optimization process, the customer can rely on the know-how of our experienced team and on our large network of integration partners. Fairness, sustainability and confidentiality are our top priority.

Software as a Service

We offer our software as a service. Thanks to the integration with existing systems, there is no need for expensive software and hardware purchases. In this way, we enable smaller companies to take the step towards digital transformation necessary for the future.

Conception and implementation by our specialists

We have an experienced team of business engineers and project managers for the conception and implementation of solutions. We work with agile development methods and “human centered design”. Together with the customer, we work on the specification in interactive workshops and deliver the results immediately in «mockups». This gives the customer immediate visual understanding of the real solution while checking the solution interactively. The developed solutions are configured by our business engineers or the customer and, in the case of development requirements, implemented by our product and development team.

Open positions

Currently we are looking for:

🖥 Frontend Developer

Frontend developer with React experience and passion for UI/UX
100% employment, Lugano (TI)

⚙️ Backend (Java) Developer

Senior backend developer with experience in Java and AWS
100% employment, Lugano (TI)

⚙️ Backend (.NET) Developer

Junior backend developer with experience in .NET world
100% employment, Lugano (TI)

Please refer to the official hiring page on Indeed or send your application to info@e-globe-solutions.com