Integrated and digitalised work processes

Automation and digital transformation

Your company in the digital world

With our all-in-one solution godoo, we network your existing systems and automate work processes without media disruptions. The data of the work processes are obtained from the respective master systems, processed and then updated and played back in real time. This avoids duplication in data acquisition. The result: time savings and increased efficiency. The free resources can be used for new creative approaches.

Our approach

We are convinced that many companies have the potential to save enormous resources if they take a critical look at key processes and optimize and automate them. At e-globe solutions we strive to create high quality software in order to deliver the best possible solution tailored to the customer. We always assume a “human centered design” that does not replace people, but supports them as best as possible in their work process.

Your advantages

  • Personal support and professional advice during the change process
  • Integration of the existing system landscape
  • Guaranteed cost and time savings
  • Modular structure with godoo
  • Highest quality assurance and Swiss safety standards