Monday, August 30, 2021

Digitalised heating management

Transparency and control over the heating system leads directly to cost efficiency.

Sensors on existing or new heating systems and digitalised heating management provide transparency, cost efficiency and control over your systems. Constant monitoring records the data and the diagnostics indicate when action is needed. Thus, trustworthy, and reliable heating and service management provides a significant advantage. The service technician only comes into action when it is really needed.

The focus is placed on the following points:

✅ cost-efficient maintenance (no unnecessary service and maintenance costs).
✅ longer service life through optimal adjustment of the systems
✅ saving energy costs, environmentally friendly consumption has developed a new innovative business model that offers increased value to homeowners, tenants and heating installers. This is because the installer can fix the problem efficiently during one visit since they are already informed about what needs to be replaced or repaired in the heating system via diagnostics.

With our collaboration between e-globe solutions AG and electrojoule AG, is used for mobile data transfer and reliably handling all financial and logistical aspects of the heating system management.

Marco Fehr's building owners podcast (in German) provides an exciting insight into digitalised heating management from Felix Hug, CEO electrojoule.