Real estate industry

Challenges and solutions

From the takeover protocol and the rental agreement to the management of the buildings and residential units to communication with external partners and organizations - there are countless work processes in a real estate company. With our industry-specific solution based on our godoo platform, we digitize the data and documents and automate the work processes without media disruptions. The result: all employees only perform a required work step once. As a company, thanks to the central administration, you have an overview of all the processes and data you want at any time.

Automation of work processes and networking of systems

godoo is a modular 360 ° solution that can be configured according to customer-specific requirements. Existing systems are integrated in the company. godoo eliminates time-consuming and costly media discontinuities through end-to-end work processes and connects all of the stakeholders relevant to the company with one another - from administration and field service to suppliers and partners. Authorizations and accesses can be solved individually.
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Stand-alone software: godoo property management and godoo system management

godoo property management is a property management module with which you can centrally record, manage and edit all your buildings and apartment units.

godoo system management is a module that enables efficient management of systems such as heating, water, electrical and other house systems centrally and clearly. You collaborate with your technicians, suppliers and cooperation partners and can thus provide data from systems and orders in an integrated manner. Your advantage: You retain control over all data and processes and are up to date at all times.

Implementation, setup and operation

Together with the customer, our team defines the customer-specific work processes and analyzes the existing IT environment in order to initiate the integration into godoo. After that, nothing stands in the way of a successful implementation of godoo. The setup also includes the necessary training for all employees involved. Of course, our specialists can also be reached at any time afterwards. "Customer Care" - whether in the case of problems, adjustments or requests - is very important to us.


godoo as "Software as a Service" (SaaS) offers a flexible price system - depending on the number of users, the number of implemented work processes and the number of orders. This ensures that even small companies can take the necessary step towards digitization.