Cities, municipalities and communities

Challenges and possible solutions

In order for a city or a municipality to be able to meet the requirements for a smart city or a smart village, it primarily needs good infrastructure in order to be able to transport the expected large amount of data. The basis for this are fiber optic networks with non-discriminatory access for all service providers. With our many years of know-how, we support communities in setting up and operating and offer FTTH total solutions with our OSS / BSS systems, which work cost-efficiently and highly automated.
Furthermore, with godoo we offer solutions for interesting collaborations in the community. An interactive portal for offers in the community “by, for and with citizens and residents”. In this way, new connections can be developed between the citizens and the residents in cooperation with the municipality.

Work process automation and networking of the systems

godoo helps you develop collaborations in the community and offer services that you want to develop with your residents and citizens. Be it in the area of neighborhood help or support for the elderly, but also in the area of services that resident companies want to make accessible to the public. Talk to us about your needs and objectives.

Implementation, setup and operation

Together with the customer, our team defines the customer-specific work processes and analyzes the existing IT environment in order to initiate the integration into godoo. After that, nothing stands in the way of a successful implementation of godoo. The setup also includes the necessary training for all employees involved. Of course, our specialists can also be reached at any time afterwards. "Customer Care" - whether in the case of problems, adjustments or requests - is very important to us.

Partner software

Service partner is a service partner of e-globe solutions AG and offers you the optimization of your heating through the neutral analysis and measurement of your heating system. You can assume that you can achieve a significant reduction in heating costs with the solution from


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